BPMK Knives

Quality without Compromise. Exceptional Experience. Practical Design. Cutting-Edge Technology.


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About BPMK

B.P.M.K. stands for Best Practice, M&K. We are a team of dedicated professionals making high quality custom and limited edition knives that have practical design. Our knives are easy and convenient to carry and handle as well as effective to use. They last long and outperform top market products because of the high quality materials and simple but smart design. Our knives are custom built, their design went through multiple iterations of improvement based on thorough field testing. We hope you will enjoy our products because we share part of our soul with every knife and every knife has it's own personality, there are no two BPMK knives that are identical.

Practical Applications

Our knives are used in survival kits, in tactical operations, hunting, expeditions, and for every day carry

Where to Buy

BPMK knives can be purchased from verified suppliers nationwide